The Smashers Academy Members' Hall Of Fame

Those that enter the Hall of Fame have generated at least 10K with their own private label product - what an achievement!

Bryn R

Bryn decided he needed another source of income when Covid hit - owning his own plumbing and heating company he was adversely effected when the first lockdown began, meaning his income drastically declined. After coming across the Warren Buffet quote "if you have only one source of income, you're one step away from poverty”, he went on the hunt for income ideas and soon came across Amazon FBA and the Smashers Academy.. he was in and soon hit the 10K Club!

"My goals now are to grow my FBA business with the help of Smashers Academy so I can reduce the hours I work in my heating company, meaning it frees up more time for the important things in life, making memories with family and friends. "

Wasif R

Wasif was already a seller before coming across the Smashers Academy, but unfortunately his sales were not great. He had decided to start his business alone, which he eventually found too overwhelming to do any longer. He joined the Academy, implemented what he was taught, and his sales shot up!

"The material in the Smashers Academy taught me so much more than YouTube, and having Janson there as a second opinion made my journey far less lonely. I owe this 10K Club award to the Academy!"

Ella D

As an entrepreneur, Ella started an Amazon FBA business because she wanted to be her own boss, and she wanted the flexibility to work anywhere she wanted in the world.

"The Smashers Academy helped me get from not knowing how to start a business to having a profitable amazon FBA business within a year. The course helped me conquer any doubts and uncertainties I had."

Daniel P

Dan wanted to start Amazon FBA for the extra income stream - he could see the trend of more people shopping online, so thought FBA would be a good option. After just 2 months of selling, he hit £10k in sales.

"I can honestly say I would have given up a long time ago if it wasn't for the Smashers Academy. Janson is the most approachable mentor who has time for even the most simple questions."

Sahiqa B

Being a full time stay at home Mum, SahiqaI was always looking for ways to earn from home. After trying other methods, she came across Amazon FBA and was hooked!

"Since signing up to the Academy I have not looked back. The course structure and mentoring has helped me get this far. I am looking forward to the future and see where this journey will take me. Next is £100k!"

Andrea R

When the pandemic hit, Andrea found it stressful to be working full time at home whilst taking care of household maintenance and her 3 year old son. After learning about the benefits of Amazon FBA, she decided to join the Academy and soon hit £10k.

"With so much (often outdated) information on FBA out there I knew I needed guidance. Janson's course provided the step by step process that I needed. His support and community has made it all possible."

Steve D

Steve looked into Amazon FBA as the engine plant that he had been working in was shutting down, so he wanted an alternative income. After 30 years of working for others, he really wanted to be his own boss.

"After watching dozens of YouTube videos, I decided to take the plunge and sign up to the course. It wasn't just about the course it was about the invaluable support you recieve from Janson and the other students on the same journey as myself that was important!"

Brad F

Brad started Amazon FBA as he wasn't enjoying his office job, wanted more freedom in his life, and also wanted to start his own online business. Within a few short months he had launched his own product and hit £10k in sales.

"Joining the Academy has been a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone that is serious about starting - you learn so much, ranging from starting your own brand to having your products inspected and shipped from the other side of the world. "

Tony K

Tony started FBA after being made redundant for the 4th time in 10 years as a result of many of his companies being acquired and going through restructurings. Tony decided enough was enough - he wanted to have more control of his own future others, so decided to do Amazon FBA.

" Janson’s course was the guiding light for me. Janson has always been there when the going gets tough, supporting me with fresh thinking. As someone who runs their business alone, Janson and the group have been a great support. Thanks to everyone for their support and I look forward to soon launching my 2nd product, and hten hitting £100K!"

Jessica C

Despite her goal of being a traveller being delayed by the pandemic, Jess didn’t let this dampen her spirits, and instead used the hiatus to learn how she could make money when she did eventually manage to travel. With minimal management, freedom to work from anywhere and the ability to scale, Amazon FBA ticked all of her boxes. Jess joined the Academy and found that the entire process was really enjoyable - especially with Janson on standby to help.

"The guidance helped me avoid some common mistakes. Two months after my full launch, I passed the £10k mark."

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Joe & Jenna

Joe & Jenna became members of the Smashers Academy in late 2020, after they found they were making no progress from just watching YouTube videos. A few months after joining, they'd already chosen their product and placed the first order - exciting. The product was a smash hit, and they hit the £10k milestone within 2 months of selling - amazing!

Lee & Ellen

Lee & Ellen started their FBA journey in Januay 2021, with their goal to earn themselves a second income stream so that they could have more financial flexibility. They were both very quick off the mark and had found a product to sell after just 1 month. With the help of Janson, they were able to launch their product by the summer, hitting the £10k mark in 1 month of selling - big congrats!

Sarah L

Sarah decided to take action and join the Academy after her job in the airline industry was affected by the pandemic. After progressing through the course, she began her product research and soon found something that she wanted to brand and sell to others. In less than 2 months of selling, Sarah reached £10k in sales and was absolutely delighted with the results - she's since placed her second order and is looking forward to making more passive profits.

Sally W

As a new stay at home Mum, Sally found that she had a little extra time on her hands that she wanted to put to good use.

She came across Amazon FBA and was hooked on the idea of running her own business from home. Shortly after joining the Smashers Academy, Sally found a supplier based in India and placed her first order.

The products soon arrived at Amazon's warehouse, and customers started to buy.. quickly. The £10k mark was soon reached and Sally received a tonne of positive reviews - fantastic work!

Paul S

Paul decided to join the Academy as he had more time on his hands working from home, and wanted to put it to good use.

After a few short months he completed the course and found the product he wanted to sell, which he soon launched. Since then, he has gone on to launch 4 more products (all in the space of a few months), smashing through the £10k barrier easily - congrats!

Greg & Ray

Greg & Ray both decided to start their own Amazon FBA business because they knew exactly how big the opoprtunity was... they could see it at work each day in their local Amazon Fulfilment Center!

They quickly progressed through the materials and launched their own product, hitting the £10k mark with ZERO advertising costs - seriously impressive. Well done lads!

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Tee M

Tee joined the Academy in late 2020 after hearing about Amazon FBA from watching Janson's YouTube channel. With the help of Janson's guidance and the course's materials, Tee was quick to launch her first product on Amazon.

The £10k milestone came soon thereafter, and she's now got her sights on her next target... £100k!

Sam G

Sam wanted to start an Amazon FBA business not only so that she could spend more time with her kids, but also for fun!

Sam joined the Smashers Academy in June 2020, started selling in September 2020, and she hit the £10k mark just 6 weeks later at the start of November - seriously impressive. Well done Sam!

Kirk H

Kirk launched his own Amazon FBA business in order to help bolster his monthly earnings so he could stop worrying so much about money.

Shortly after joining the Academy he launched his very own private label product, and soon entered the £10k Club!

Megan J

Megan first started selling on Amazon without a course or guidance, and soon found that she was feeling very overwhelmed. She decided to join the Smashers Academy in order to stop this feeling, and was able to very quickly get things back on track.

After a few months of selling, Megan has broken through the £10k milestone - well done!

Shali A

Shali used to exclusively be an eBay seller, however, when she came across Amazon FBA she knew it was an opportunity that was too big to miss.

After joining the Academy, she was soon ready to start selling, and sold out of her first order within her first few weeks, making a tidy profit - nice! Well done Shali :)

Shuayb A

Shuayb decided he wanted to sell products online with Amazon FBA in order to provide himself with an additional income stream whilst at university.

Despite the long hours studying for his degree, he still managed to complete the Academy and launch a product shortly after. He absolutely smashed it with his first product, and is now working on increasing his sales even more.

Matt G

Matt had always wanted to have his own business and line of products, and so when he came across Amazon FBA, he thought that this was the perfect opportunity to fulfil this dream.

Since joining, he has launched his own brand of products in the UK and the US, and even built himself a huge social media following!

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Steve M

Steve was already selling on Amazon prior to joining the Smashers Academy, but his product just wasn't selling. After becoming a member, he implemented the changes suggested by Janson and the course, and his product's sales immediately started to improve.

He's now caught the Amazon FBA bug and is just about to launch his second product - go Steve!

Martin & Jenn

Martin & Jenn decided to start their own Amazon FBA business as they wanted to create an income stream that they could run in the background, without having to give up their charity work.

After enrolling with the Smashers Academy, they soon joined the £10K Club and are now well on their way to hitting 6 Figures...smashed it!

Michael K

Before joining the Smashers Academy, Michael had his own telecommunications company which he really enjoyed. However, based on his experience from the customers he was serving, he spotted a number of product opportunities that he thought he could capitalise on - and he did!

Within an incredibly short amount of time, Michael launched his ideas onto Amazon and broke through the £10k barrier soon after - what an achievement.

"Super chuffed to have received the £10k award - thanks to Janson’s patience and guidance, I’m on my way to £100k!"

Edwin M

Edwin first stumbled across FBA via YouTube, looking for a new income stream to help boost his salary from his job as a senior customer service advisor for a housing association. After some research into selling on Amazon, he joined the Smashers Academy and started selling his own brand of products soon after.

"At first I was sceptical, however due to Janson’s YouTube videos and honest views on the process I gave it the leap of faith and I'm so glad I did - within my first week of sales I generated £1,000 in sales in a single day, such an amazing feeling!"

Kris G

Kris decided to pursue an Amazon FBA selling career so that he could start to reduce the hours that he worked in the week. With Janson's help, he was able to launch his first product on Amazon, which amazingly sold without him having to do any advertising!

Within just over 1 month of selling he was in the £10K club, and he now has his eyes firmly set on the £100K Club prize!

"Making my first sale was an amazing feeling, and making my first sale without having to do any advertising at all was incredible!"

Khilan A

hilan joined the Academy with no experience whatsoever - in fact, he barely even opened his laptop before starting his Amazon FBA journey!

After he started to sell his product of choice, he broke through the £10K mark in a matter of weeks, with the £100K mark being surpassed just a short while later - incredible, congratulations Khilan!

Simon P

As a full time plumber, Simon's working hours were long and arduous, which meant he was spending less and less time doing the things he loved - enjoying the great outdoors, and hanging out with his mates.

He decided to take action after discovering Amazon FBA, by joining the Smashers Academy in 2019.

With two brands now under his belt, Simon has not only given himself a secondary income, but he's also discovered a new passion in life!

Tay Y

Tay released his inner entrepreneur and joined the Smashers Academy when he was put on furlough at the start fo the pandemic. After joining, he made quick progress and within a few weeks he had a brand and product idea in mind - something that didn't currently exist!

Just a few months later, Tay had developed his own product and was ready to launch in what many would have described as a saturated niche. When it came to launching, he completely obliterated the competition and hit the £10k mark in just 30 days!

George W

After being put on furlough during the pandemic, George immediately took action and joined the Smashers Academy - starting his own e-commerce business was something he'd always wanted to do, and he felt if he didn't do it now, he would never do it at all.

In under a year, George launched his own branded product onto Amazon. Sales went through the roof, and he faced a great problem to have - running out of stock! He has since re-stocked and is comfortably making a healthy profit per day.

Dami S

As an entrepreneur, Dami knew he'd found something he could get his teeth stuck into when he first came across Amazon FBA. After watching a few of Janson's YouTube videos, he knew that this was something he could make a success of - and he did.

Shortly after joining the Academy, Dami launched his first product on the UK marketplace, which was a smash hit. Just 2 months after that - he launched his second product and flew past the £10k mark - incredible!

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