The Smashers Academy Members' Hall Of Fame

Those that enter the Hall of Fame have generated at least 10K with their own private label product - what an achievement!

Rosie K

Rosie ventured into Amazon FBA because she rejected the notion of a conventional 9-5 job for the next 30 years. Smashers Academy proved instrumental in offering guidance from the initial stages of business setup to effective management. What set the academy apart was its ability to shed light on questions she hadn't yet realized.

"I wanted to have the ability to control my working hours and income. The prospect of a 9-5 job for the next 30 years was a vision I am not happy with! Smashers Academy assisted me by providing guidance from from the initial steps of starting a business to effectively managing it, and answering questions I wasn't even aware I had."


Sam W

Sam got into Amazon FBA to move beyond online arbitrage and build a brand. Smashers Academy played a crucial role in his journey. Before enrolling, he lacked the crucial knowledge to even begin this venture. The academy's guidance and expertise gave him direction and he has reached 10k sales within a month!

"I wanted to branch out from online arbitrage and build a brand that I can sell in the future. Without the course, I wouldn't have even known where to begin."


Uzay L

In March 2022, Uzay sold her family restaurant and sought a new path after the challenges of the post-COVID landscape. During her research, she discovered Amazon FBA and joined Janson's Smashers Academy for guidance. The course provided invaluable knowledge, while the supportive Smashers community offered constant help. Uzay is grateful for finding the perfect fit for her new venture with Janson and the Smashers.

"The course itself is very informative and Janson explains everything in a great way. The smashers group is such a lovely bunch of people and always willing to help so I am glad that I decided to go with Janson!"


Andrew T

Andrew sought to relieve the burdens of his self-employed career and establish a supplementary revenue stream, which led him to discover Amazon FBA. Intrigued by the possibilities, he decided to join the Smashers Academy. Since then, he has successfully achieved 10k in sales and now aspires to join the esteemed 100k club.

"Janson and his course gave the solid foundation and in-depth knowledge to smash through obstacles and achieve my income goals."


Sam C

The ultimate goal for Sam is to have a passive income that will allow him to change his career and he is on his way to do that having just reached 10k sales months after enrolling in the Smashers Academy. The journey hasn't been without its challenges, but the satisfaction of seeing his efforts translate into tangible results is incredibly fulfilling. With each sale, Sam is one step closer to realizing his dream of financial independence and the freedom to pursue his passions.

“The Smashers Academy is the first step in this change and it's actually working! The guidance is excellent and the support from everyone is exactly what you need. I'm really happy to be a member.”


Monika & Paul

Monika and Paul wanted an additional income stream that didn't distract too much from their day jobs, which got them interested in looking into Amazon FBA. Before enrolling in the Smasher’s Academy, Amazon was a complete minefield, but the course breaks it down into bite size sections that made the journey achievable and actually enjoyable. After countless hurdles and a year of selling and with Jason's advice and the experiences of other Smashers in the group, Monika and Paul have reached 10k sales and are now confident in their ability to grow both their sales and product line. Good job!

“We liked Jason's approach and philosophy, and signed up for his course. This gave us the knowledge and confidence to embark upon our Amazon journey. Could we have done it without joining The Smashers Academy? In a word, No."

Luke & Remy

They had always wanted to create their own business, but didn’t have the confidence to do so. After enroling in The Smashers Academy, they finally had pushed through starting their own Amazon FBA business and has now earned over 10k just after a few months!

"The Smashers Academy gave us the confidence that we had all of the tools and info needed to succeed & would recommend to anyone looking to make a start!"

Lukasz C

Lukasz has already started his Amazon FBA business but found himself having little to no sales. In search for better guidance, he discovered Janson and The Smashers Academy. With the lessons and encouragements from the community he is now in the right direction!

"Smashers academy helped me fix all mistakes what I have done with my Amazon journey."

Charlie B

Charlie wanted to start his entrepreneurial journey and joined the Smashers Academy with the end goal of achieving financial freedom. After joining, he made quick progress and within a few weeks he had a brand and product idea in mind and is now part of the Smashers Academy Hall of Fame!

"Smashers Academy has helped me achieve my financial and lifestyle goals."

Shayden and Felicity

Shayden and Felicity were looking to add a new source of income and to move away from the 9-5 grind joined the Smashers Academy so knew it was time to try something new. The Academy has allowed them to create a sustainable business and they are already looking forward to adding more products to their range in the future.

"The course is well structured offering a complete A-Z of how to find, order and manage your Amazon Product."

Alex Y

Alex likes to travel a lot, and while in Australia, he realized that he needed a business that he would be able to manage while he's on the road. Shortly after joining the Academy, Alex got past the £10k mark - amazing!

"Smashers Academy and its community have been a great resource to tap into along the journey."


Elina knew that there was a possibility to create offer some new products on Amazon Italy as it was a pretty low competition marketplace. She launched her first product without any studying or help from a mentor, resulting in poor sales. After enrolling with the Smashers Academy, she launched her first key product, and after 2 months of following all the tips from Janson she hit £10k! 

"Boom! My product became the most profitable and best-selling product I have ever made. In less than 6 months, I’ve hit 10k. This wouldn't be possible without Smashers Academy."

Amandeep D

Amandeep started the Smashers Academy course because he wanted to do something different at this stage in his life. Committing to the Smashers Academy allowed him to step out of his comfort zone to prove that success is possible.

"I haven’t been exposed to a business mindset in my past, and Smashers Academy provided me with the exposure required. Having the knowledge of this course behind me enabled me to gain the confidence to start this venture, and allowed me to his £10k in a short amount of time."

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Richard and Debora

As a couple, they have always been entrepreneurs at heart and always on the lookout for new opportunities to venture. hey were immediately drawn to the potential that Amazon FBA held for them to reach a global audience and scale their business. However, as Europeans, they found it difficult to find coaches and resources that were tailored specifically to the European market. That's where Smashers Academy came in.

"Janson, with his structured content and a more European focus, was exactly what we needed to get started and succeed on Amazon FBA. The Academy provided us with a step-by-step guide to setting up our Amazon FBA business, from sourcing products to marketing and sales strategies. Janson was also incredibly helpful and supportive, always available to answer any questions we had and provide guidance when we needed it."


Mark wanted to explore another way of making money that didn't involve sitting at his desk for 8 hours a day and could potentially give him a second source of income. Knowing nothing about FBA, dealing with suppliers, or any of the other skills needed, he decided to sign up for the Smashers Academy and now he's one of the successful Smashers who has earned over £10k!

"It has been a great help to not only have the course materials readily available but also the community of other people all going through the same thing."

Adam Y

After going through the free webinar, Adam decided to enroll in the full training course and now his commitment to learning Amazon FBA through the Smashers Academy has earned him over £10k from his private label business!

"Janson was helpful throughout available through email or Facebook. I would highly recommend the course. Just have to commit yourself to it and believe you can do it!"

Neil Bryan

Neil was initially interested in the program to look into creating another stream of income. Now, being an Amazon FBA entrepreneur is a fulltime lifestyle for him after joining the Smashers Academy.

"The FBA Smashers has taught me that it can be possible to follow your dreams. Janson has always been there to help through thick and thin. Stay committed, you're closer than you think! £10k is just the beginning!"


Jonathan decided to join the Smashers Academy when he realised that he has had 20 years of working for other people and then decided it was finally time to strike out on his own.

"I have really enjoyed the learning experience of getting to 10k and can't wait to hit 100K!"

Nikoletta & Georg

Nikoletta & Georg decided to join the Academy because they'd always wanted to run their own business. After a few months of research, they both found 2 products which they launched in quick succession. Soon after, they hit £10k in sales - congrats!

"The Smashers Academy helped us to believe everything is possible - you just need to put the time in and you can do it."

Ruslan & Diana

Diana & Ruslan wanted to start selling on Amazon FBA as they knew it would allow them  to have an extra income and have more opportunities in the future, including financial independence and possibly even a better place to live.

"Thank you to Janson and everyone in the Smashers Academy - we cannot believe we reached this point so quickly!"

Olga S

As a mum of three little kids, Olga was looking for a possibility to work from home and have more time with little ones, whilst staying financially independent. After joinng the Academy, Olga made quick progress and launched a product within 3 months. The products was a big success with customers and allowed Olga to hit £10k in sales in short order.

"The Smashers Academy gave me the knowledge and the courage to start my own business - thank you so much!"

Naiha & Ozan

Naiha & Ozan joined the Academy as they wanted to somehow achieve financial freedom. They were running a children's home which whilst being very rewarding, was a 24/7 job that was stressful. So they looked to Amazon FBA as a way to gain the freedom and lifestyle they'd always wanted.

"The Smashers Academy is so so detailed and comprehensive with its step by step directions, helping us to acheive what we have acheived so far. Also, the Masterming Group has been invaluable with all the posts and advice from those that are more experienced!"


Huzaifa received Amazon FBA training in Pakistan, but it was not comprehensive or motivating enough for him to achieve his goal of financial independence. After nearly a year of making no progress, he enrolled with the Smashers Academy and managed to get to the point of selling within 3 months!

"Janson is extremely responsive to his questions, and the Smashers' student support group has been incredible - they have become like family to me. I was able to launch and make £10,000 in just four months, with only 1-2 hours per week invested. I plan to launch several products soon and have set a revenue goal of £100,000 in a year!"

Niki Y

Nikki joined the Academy as she'd always wanted to create her own homeware brand, and thought selling with Amazon FBA would be the perfect opportunity. Even better - she also wanted a business that would give her an extra income, that could be managed from her laptop.

"The course content taught me how to go about setting up my business in the correct way, avoiding the mistakes many newbies make and explained the business model in a way that made going about FBA, far easier than if I had tried to do it on my own."

Lauryn R

Lauryn had been experimenting with a few different ways to sell online, with the aim of running her own business and having a passive income. After exploring other avenues that didn’t quite work out, she came across Amazon FBA and the Smashers Academy.

"The Academy has opened the door to the world I wanted to be in. Learning how to conquer FBA would be a major undertaking without it - it makes selling on Amazon ridiculously achievable and Janson is next level in terms of offering his support."

Gareth H

Gareth had been trying to find a route to financial freedom since he left the Army in 2010. In 2020, he finally came across a business opportunity that wasn't being negatively impacted by the pandemic... Amazon FBA! After a few weeks of research, Gareth came on board with the Smashers Academy and quickly entered the 10K Hall Of Fame!

"Janson is always there when you need him, and the rest of the people in the group have been amazing. There’s nothing quite like helping someone out when they’re in the same position you were in previously. This course has quite literally changed my life and I cant thank Janson enough for what it has and will do for me and my family. "

Krisztina KH

For a few years Krisztina had wanted to start selling on Amazon, and after coming across Janson on YouTube in 2021, she dediced now was the time.

"The course is so detailed and the Smashers are all so helpful. I couldn't hit £10K without the course or the Smashers help. Thank you!"

James C

James had always wanted to create his own passive income stream, and after months of deliberating, decided to take the first steps of his journey at the end of 2020. He was quick off the pace and launched his first product in a few short months!

"There are so many elements to starting up an Amazon FBA business and there are so many mistakes that could be made at each hurdle. These mistakes could cost money, time or both! The Smashers Academy gives a thorough step by step guidance to get you selling on Amazon. "

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